Friday, May 12, 2006

You can keep links to yourself...

... But isn't it nice to share. Unless you're a woman who wants to pose on the front of FHM since the American Decency Association would prefer you didn't. The question is: since I see a partially nude* female twenty-something everyday, are mirrors promoting indecency?

*and I'd like to think (as one does in flights of delusional optimism) nubile, tempting and an corrupting influence on the hetero/bi male population...

[Hat tip to Guido's comments box and this blog]


  • At 1:06 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Mirrors will steal your soul. Much like cameras. There was an article in Nature about it a few months back.

    Surprised you haven't picked up on,,31-2006210695,00.html
    There is something gloriously avant-garde about watching 'the people' campaigning to be stripped of their rights. Rather like all the working class Americans violently campaigning for tax cuts for the mega rich. What an age we live in.


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