Saturday, April 29, 2006

When will they learn

That if you're a politician whose having/had one or more affairs, don't use your family as a selling point on your leaflets. It's only going to come back and bite you on the bottom [all references to porcelain lavatories removed].


  • At 7:45 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Perhaps that should read 'don't use your family as a selling point on your leaflets if you lack moral fibre* and are engaged in a clandestine affair'. On the whole I can see more merit in politicians posing for photo-ops with their partners than the ones regrettably overused in the last election by our party: 'local candidate with elderly resident' - it seems less fraudulent.

    *Which we knew anyway given the apparent lack of resistance to New Labour from someone who was supposely a hardcore socialist.


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