Monday, May 01, 2006

You know when you read something and you think...

... Do I care? Do I really care? Does anyone care? Has anyone actually cared what's on M&S's shop fronts except to determine it *is* M&S as opposed to Karen Millen or Next or The Discovery Store? Who are all these people who are about to be deeply traumatised by the fact it's not called Marks & Spencer on the storefront when no one EVER calls it Marks & Spencer? It's ALWAYS 'just popping into M&S'.

[*tumbleweed rolls past*]

As I thought... so why does The Telegraph spend 15 lines repeatedly explaining it's just a one store trial to gauge public opinion?

NB: You may be interested to know that George Braithwaite never discovered which was the authentic parrot borrowed by Flaubert... I stopped reading Development as Freedom a while back because although I have the persistence to plod on with thesis-writing and to get to the top of mountains, Sen beat me. His argument was relatively simple, it was covered in his lengthy introduction and the remainder of the book was a turgid expansion of his initial idea. Not as turgid as A Theory of Justice... but sphlegmic enough. The Harvard Business Review on Corporate Responsibility is a far more engaging and fast-moving read - I assume that people routinely reading the HBR see themselves as having better things to be getting on with than wading through miresh outpourings in desperate need of an editor.


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