Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some of today's most interesting links...

...In my opinion, anyway.

The News of the World on loan sharks (29.9% APR plus extras)

Polly Toynbee wrote about rent-to-buy stores in Hard Work (which is a surprisingly good book) in 2003 and it seems nothing much has changed since.

John Redwood's interesting ripost to the Government's "bad bank" idea

I think he writes his own blog. You can read about the Government's proposals here.

And some of today's least interesting links.

Any woman who does a demanding job must be a bad mother, Daily Wail continues looking for proof

Timesonline presents latest in its series: "Social stereotypes that only apply to ten upper middle- class people living in Maida Vale"

Because there are many people living in Grimsby who will be nodding their heads this morning with recognition upon reading:
It’s horrendous. Everywhere you look, women are juggling careers and children and renovating their houses, all while looking like their hair has been glazed with honey and their bodies toned by Madonna’s personal trainer.
And the good people of Grimsby won't be alone. Most Londoners will look out of their window this morning and see women whose hair has been coated with honey by an overenthusiastic toddler wearing personal trainers.


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