Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spiraling downwards

A treat for anyone who enjoys Downfall mash-ups and, erm, investment banking.

This is a mini-series using clips from the 2004 film depicting the final days of Nazi Germany to tell the story of an investment bank slowly going bust after it buys dodgy financial products shortly before the start of the Credit Crunch. 

I think that's the problem anyway - "The Spiral" starts shortly after the products have been sold for a knockdown price and CEO Adolf Hitler certainly isn't pleased about the situation.

For more information about the dodgy financial product mentioned, look up CDO in our introduction to the economic crisis.

If you'd prefer a literary fix of "very bright mathematical types making utter t*ts of themselves while trying to make silly amounts of money", I'd recommend When Genius Failed. The title says everything.  

I'm considering penning a sequel called: When Genius Failed to Move His Pyjamas From The Bathroom Floor Every Morning. 


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