Friday, January 16, 2009

A postmodern moment

You learn something new everyday. Today I realised there was a community of people who blog about blogging. Take this man, for example. Or this bloke.

It has this weird, self-referential quality that I can only describe as depressingly postmodern. Why blog about knitting, cats, Gaza or British politics when you can write about the act of blogging? You can even twitter about twittering. Or blog from your iPhone about how you're blogging... from your iPhone.

Maybe I'm a vicious ex-scientist bitch who caustically flays the living flesh from innocents, but I just keep thinking: Further reading - Nathan Barley.

Charlie Brooker is a genius.


  • At 5:11 pm , Blogger Charlotte Gore said...

    And yet this blog was a blog about blogging about blogging.

    This comment is a comment about people who use comments to comment on commenting ;)

  • At 9:45 pm , Blogger Oranjepan said...

    I hear yawning is contagious.


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