Saturday, January 17, 2009

A long, incoherent rant about LabourList

LabourList is making me really, really angry. Why? Because Labour activists have wanted a decent aggregate/group blog for ages.

LabourList came along and it's so woefully inadequate that it makes me want to scream. I feel aggrieved on behalf of Labour activists everywhere. I'm so annoyed that *I* would produce a decent version of LabourList if I could program CSS well enough to code a Wordpress theme from scratch.

How could people with so much money produce something so buggy, ugly-looking and dull? They have senior PR and advertising professionals contributing articles, for goodness sake. Why couldn't one of them find a decent web designer? It's not like they might have to use the yellow pages because they work in Slough manufacturing sink plungers. There are probably several web designers working in the same office.

It's worse than that. The site is notoriously spintastic and parrots the Government line. Every article is probably checked by a PR professional. So why are they all so boring? There are incredible PR and advertising campaigns being created EVERY SINGLE DAY. Their aim is not to bore the consumer into submission.

Hasn't someone said, "Your article needs heavy reworking because it is as exciting as watching paint dry with a sock over your head. It makes the Labour Party look bad because everyone will think we are a crowd of humourless bores. No one will visit our site except to criticise. We might get sued when someone starts reading an article, falls asleep, drops hot coffee on their baby and suffers concussion as their head hits their desk. If anyone in the army reads it and falls asleep at their keyboard, they might accidently dispatch a small nuke to Belgium. We would have to put up a warning 'Do not read while driving or operating heavy machinery'."

Even Peaches Geldof managed to successfully criticise bad writing when she was a magazine editor. That's how harsh it is - I'm having to compare someone unfavourably to Peaches Geldof [NOTE: Peaches seems a bright girl who doesn't deserve the criticism she gets].

The site justs scares me. It says 'The Government can't even run a website'. Our economic situation is like a 100 manure lorry pile-up on the M25 and senior party officials can't find a decent CSS programmer. Let me kill myself now before they try to run a bath!


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