Saturday, January 17, 2009

A huge welcome to Labourist

Let's give a big hand to Labourist. It's a beautifully designed website hosting the same content as the widely derided LabourList, but without the excessive comment moderation.

But how long will this copyright statement stay on LabourList before being tightened up:
"All content is the copyright of LabourList but we give permission for its use, unless otherwise stated."
Is there anything Labourlist can argue, which would allow it to shut Labourist down now? I bet I'm not the only person asking this question today.

Labourist say they intend to create original content too, which will hopefully be less boring than Draper's site. Unfortunately, bad PR produces bland writing.

If I ran LabourList, I'd be getting people to acknowledge the challenges the ruling party faces in a natural-sounding, positive way. After all, it's easy to criticise, but governing is a difficult job.


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