Monday, January 26, 2009

Moving on

I'm planning to move from Forceful & Moderate to a Wordpress blog within the next few days.

The new blog will be under my real name. No one will be surprised to learn that Femme de Resistance is a pseudonym.

I'm going to be posting here and at the new blog for a while.

I'll feel sad blogging as something other than Forceful & Moderate since I've been here intermittently since 2003.

I'm just feeling the Forceful & Moderate brand is feeling increasingly claustrophobic.

But there we are - onwards and upwards!


  • At 6:21 pm , Blogger Charlotte Gore said...

    Cool :)

    Good luck with the new blog. Will your new blog be on LibDemBlogs?

  • At 9:43 pm , Blogger Peter Black said...

    Will Liberty Cat be starting his own blog as well?

  • At 7:59 am , Blogger Femme de Resistance said...

    LibertyCat will be a guest contributor. I'm married to him so I can't just make him disappear (unfortunately :)).

    The blog will be on Lib Dem Blogs. I'm just going to advertise it more widely since it's not a 'Lib Dem Blog' as in talking about Lib Dem stuff. It's more a current affairs blog that happens to be written by two people with liberal leanings.

    The main reason for moving is that I'm now a freelance writer and it's hard for me to use my long-running blog as a CV point since I'm blogging anonymously.

    So I'm going to move my blog onto my website (which hosts all my cuttings and stuff).

    The content probably won't change very much, although I'll probably talk more about my current attempts to get a staff job. There is very little career advice for career changers into journalism who aren't bored housewives writing the occasional article about their kids. I'm hoping my experiences might help someone.

  • At 9:07 pm , Anonymous Susan said...

    Good luck with the transition!


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