Thursday, October 23, 2008

Update: Chandila Fernando's occupation - the mystery deepens

The mystery deepens - a quick scout about Google, LinkedIn and Facebook reveals he works in financial services and may be some sort of investment banker or hedgie.

His Facebook profile says he attended Royal Holloway in 2000 and is currently at Bedford NewHall Capital. Googling this doesn't turn up anything useful except that the company is registered to 92A Forest Road, London, E17 7JQ (Walthamstow). It doesn't have a website listed on Google and isn't in the yellow pages ( Whoever they are, they aren't attracting business by having people stumble upon their services. I'm speculating that it's a hedge fund - venture capital firms need to advertise.

LinkedIn says a Chandila Fernando who went to Royal Holloway works in 'financial services'. This Chandila Fernando is listed as 'owner' of Vercor. Vercor is an investment bank providing mergers and acquisitions services to middle market firms. In 2006, this Chandila Fernando became Managing Director of their UK office. Is this the same Chandila Fernando? If so, he was only 28 at the time.

If this guy is a 30-year-old hedge fund staffer who previously headed up the UK arm of an investment bank, why isn't he shouting this from the rooftops? Do Lib Dems really hate investment bankers that much? Can anyone solve this mystery?


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    Just had to remove two potentially libellious comments from this and another post.

    Don't like doing this since I believe in free speech, etc., but don't want to be sued either.


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