Thursday, October 23, 2008

What does Chandila Fernando do?

The Lib Dem presidential manifestos tell me that Ros Scott was Group Leader on Suffolk County Council and a non-Executive Director of Anglia TV, and that Lembit was Global HR Training Manager for P&G.

Chandila Fernando's manifesto says he has industry experience in banking, catering, etc., works in business development and has 'been involved in a variety of political, community and commercial projects'.

He says he is 30 and only mentions a BA (Hons) so he must have been working for around eight years, but his experience sounds so vague. After all, I have industry experience in commercial property - I worked as a receptionist for a day at a commercial property company.

Does anyone know what he does?


  • At 12:46 pm , Blogger Stephen Glenn said...

    He blurp on Liberal Vision is hardly more enlightening.

    Over the last 10 years Chandila has been involved in a variety of political, community and commercial projects both in the UK and Sri Lanka including, an Indian Cinema inspired restaurant,a housing programme for the disabled service personnel in Sri Lanka, outsourcing and most recently,succession planning for legacy businesses.

    Reads like (this is lowest case scenario) worked in a Boolywood themed restaurant. Has for for a Disable Housing Association in Sri Lanka. Delegates. Is working to ensure his own family inheritance.


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