Saturday, October 04, 2008

VP debate: Something of a letdown

LibertyCat and I were so bored by the VP debate (which we watched on YouTube last night) that we gave up halfway through and watched Paris Hilton's campaign address instead.

Both Biden and Palin answered so far from the question that it was only found again, tens of thousands of years later, by astronomers using radio telescopes.

The potential VPs rambled more than tourists lost on a moose hunt. 

Biden appeared to have come straight from a disastrous botox session since, while we were watching, he didn't move a muscle and delivered every answer in a drawling monotone. Palin managed at least three facial expressions and some vocal range, as such, clearly won.

Long before the candidates or the PC power button put the debate out of its misery, LibertyCat and I had taken to speculating about an Obama/Hilton ticket. Finally, I concluded Palin and Biden should just swap tickets so Obama could launch his new campaign slogan: "America says no to white-haired, boring, elderly dudes".


  • At 10:59 pm , Anonymous movie fan said...

    the GOP wouldn't dare schedule any more unscripted air time for Palin, this would give people more time to realize that she's totally clueless... the prospect of her becoming the Commander in Chief is frightening


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