Tuesday, September 23, 2008

They never learn, do they

In 2003, the Indy complained that the then Chancellor's tax credit system was too complex, meaning it was hard to administer. The Times, writing in 2007, said that:

Gordon Brown’s big idea looked good on paper but has become a byword for confusion, maladministration and misery for some claimants

So I'm shocked to find that Brown hasn't learned from his mistakes in five years. Yep, he's now creating another application procedure to give out an extra measly £700 [Hat tip to Obnoxio the Clown at Devil's Kitchen]

If families don't have the money to pay for an internet connection, why doesn't Brown just give poor people extra money directly? Why go through the palaver of having these poor sods:

who have been identified by local schools as having no access... apply for vouchers of up to £700 pound so they can get online.

Do you think any of them are going to bother? Especially after they've already navigated the tax credit system? Well, do you?

Maybe he's afraid if he gives people a pot of money to play with, they might not spend it on broadband and the collected works of Hemmingway. They might blow it all on chips, or something.

On the subject of chips, how many times do I need to say this? Rampant womens' clothing size inflation means a Size 4 is what a Size 10 was just a handful of years ago. So Reiss is just acknowledging that not all its customers are built like whales and might like some smartly tailored work clothing, instead of having to find something in TopShop that isn't a boob tube. Does eating disorder charity Beat want to make small, thin women illegal or something?


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