Friday, September 19, 2008

Some hard questions

Another day, another 'how I regretted my abortion' story from the Daily Wail. Every time I read these articles, with a similar compulsive relish to Prescott in a Chinese restaurant, I always wonder - what is the Wail trying to achieve?

Is it just that women enjoy reading how other women regretted their abortion? So a simple case of selling more newspapers. Or does the Wail have an agenda? Do they seriously think that anyone is going to be dissuaded from an abortion by reading this stuff?

I've never quite *got* secular pro-lifers. I guess I must have missed the memo. I don't understand how you can be so fervent when the body spontaneously aborts 10 - 50 % of pregnancies. What should a woman do, beat herself with birch twigs for murdering her own babies?

Furthermore, do they think that women are going to stop doing icky things with suction pumps if the Government bans abortion? It is not a new development - women have been endangering their lives with coat hangers, knitting needles and herbs for centuries. Yet, secular pro-lifers seem to gloss over this sort of thing. Instead, they live in a rose-tinted world where, deprived of the abortion option, women will stop having risky sex, and where children are an unabashed pleasure that, once experienced, will never be regretted.

If we assume that unwanted children stay unwanted, I desperately want to ask them: do you think the world is a worse place for having fewer unloved children living in unstable circumstances? Especially since the human body is crueler and has less conscience over terminating pregnancies than a woman could ever be.


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