Thursday, May 25, 2006

A triumph for justice and common sense...

I mean, honestly. I wouldn't class it as particularly 'normal' taking the time to video and report the incident. That's before we get onto how 'normal' it is to be 'extremely shaken' by the sight of a nude woman 'walk[ing] back and fore completely naked'. And what's 'normal' got to do with it anyway - has it suddenly become a criminal offence to do something that others might regard as abnormal in your own garden? I could understand it if it were Mark Oaten and a couple of rent boys engaged in full-on action but she was WALKING. I'd recommend Mr Jones avoid visiting Florence - a 5 m tall nude statue of a bloke STANDING might condemn him to years of therapy. Or, in the words of my dad 'I wish the worst thing that my neighbours did was sunbathe nude'. I am sure that there are many others who would agree with that sentiment.


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