Friday, February 10, 2006

Getting a strange feeling of deja-jumpsuit

I thought this seemed familiar. Then I remembered that it had popped up about a year ago as part of Labour's respect agenda (or more properly RESPECT agenda since that's all the 'respect' I have for the whole gimmick-ladened fiasco) around the same time as the ban on hoodies at Bluewater.

At the time I remarked:

They've obviously decided that why they don't like yobs wearing hoodies is because they'd look far better in orange. Has anyone ever considered that maybe a load of youths wandering about in bright orange jumpsuits hanging floral baskets might be intimidatory? In fact, more intimidatory than youths in hoodies on the grounds that they're not just suspected yobs - they've been tried and judged to be yobbish already.

This time no reason has been given for the visible clothing idea, beyond 'visibly paying back'. This is because there isn't one - it's likely to intimidate local people, probably appeals to rather than repels hardened criminals for precisely that reason and, erm, erm... I'm struggling here... May I humbly suggest the government has a problem with its crime initiatives when the most newsworthy part is 'make offenders wear crayola-coloured babygrows'...


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