Friday, January 13, 2006

Some more on Chris Huhne MP

To help you make up your mind (as many of my stories - thanks to the power of the LDYS forums for the links):

A speech he gave to a Green Fair in Aylesbury when an MEP explaining why environmental decisions are often best taken at a European level [Thanks to Richard Huzzey for the link]

A link to the initial press release on the Huhne Commission report on Public Service provision, his conference speech on the report and a further article on public services and public service devolution [Thanks to Richard Huzzey and Gareth Epps for the links]

At the time of writing I haven't read all of these links but they are collected here with the intention of helping people make up their minds - my duty is but to serve and all that stuff and nonsense.

It's also worth mentioning the Apollo Project thinks Chris Huhne has a 'reassuringly deep voice'. I'm hoping he means a 'reassuring, deep voice' but either way it gives him gravitas on the radio and such-like. It's also a definite personal plus since my boyfriend also has a reassuring, deep voice!



  • At 9:49 am , Blogger Apollo Project said...

    That'll teach me to dash off blog articles too quickly!

    You put it better. Regardless, it is deep and reassuring. Melifluous even.

  • At 9:52 am , Blogger Apollo Project said...

    Vivienne, pleas drop Apollo a line on tabman at

  • At 6:20 pm , Blogger Richard said...

    The launch went really well, I thought. We'll see what happens tomorrow... :-)


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