Friday, January 13, 2006

At least 5 reasons to vote for Menzies Campbell (or Chris Huhne): No.5

John Thurso MP is no longer standing... Correction - John Thurso MP was never standing but there was a spoof website 'Thurso for PM' doing the rounds. It wasn't anything to do with John Thurso MP as a person or an MP - I think the authors just felt at that point in the leadership contest that we had a glut of bald candidates and needed one with a moustache (who also happened to be a Viscount).

It couldn't have been mistaken for anything but a spoof.... except by the BBC who used a quote from it:

"has never taken drugs (except the odd pinch of snuff, but who doesn't nowadays?)"

In their "Quote of the Day" (obviously it's gone now) as a quote from "John Thurso MP".

News reached John Thurso MP who was not well pleased (displaying a SOH malfunction IMO), the author felt everything had got rather out of hand and the website has now (sadly) been taken down (Boo! Hiss! Shame! Resign!... And all that...). Which means we can no longer think upon the inspirational suggestion that to generate electricity we should ban coal-fired power stations and instead have serfs (misspelt "surfs", which suggests guys in wetsuits with boards) running on treadmills...



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