Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hirsute or bust

Mark Oaten has declared to stand for the party leadership.

This is a terribly follically challenged potential leadership line-up and it appears to be well-known that bald guys don't win elections (Mirror - not the most reliable source in the world but still...). In fact there appears to have been:

'US research showing that the proportion of bald men holding elected office in the USA is four times less than the proportion of bald men in the population at large suggests that in the TV age bald blokes aren't popular with the voters. Perhaps its the way your pate glows under the studio lights.'

The solution is obviously that John Thurso stands since he has somewhat more facial hair in his moustache than Mark Oaten has on his head (ongoing joke on the LDYS forums, although I'm not entirely sure what John Thurso has done to deserve all the attention - apart from having a prominent moustache).

[if anyone wants to know who I'm actually supporting then it's Nick Clegg (who has a wonderfully thick and strokable-looking head of hair). Unfortunately, Nick has ruled himself out for the moment so Menzies is my second choice]



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