Tuesday, January 31, 2006

House rules

During our last 'blog strategy' discussion, LibertyCat and I decided we probably needed a comments/content policy. Results of the discussion so far as I remember were the following. LibertyCat - if you disagree with my recollection or want to add anything, I'll combine your remarks and mine into a single post and sidebar it.

  • The plog will be political discussion of national and international current affairs (including politics but also science, etc.) from a Liberal but not necessarily partisan perspective
  • The plog will not mention any 'lifestyle' stuff with two exceptions - first if we get personally (rather than bulk) 'memed' and second if we are 'journaling' from an event (e.g. a party conference)
  • Since LibertyCat and I enjoy debating politics with each other then some of our discussions will doubtless spill out onto the plog. Readers should not be surprised if LibertyCat and Femme-de-Resistance end up disagreeing with each other in the comments box. Feel free to join in!


  • Off-topic comments will be removed. LibertyCat adds that any comments on Israel/Palestine will be removed because he believes there are very few people who can discuss this subject intelligently and if you think you are one then you most certainly aren't. This is included in 'off-topic' comments because since neither of us will be blogging about Israel/Palestine (I will happily admit to knowing nothing about this topic) then no comments about Israel/Palestine will be on-topic. LibertyCat will leave any comments that do manage to be on-topic about Israel/Palestine since the person commenting will have demonstrated great innovation.
  • If a plog author removes off-topic comments then you can (apparently) be held legally responsible for any libellous comments. Thus, libellous comments will be removed.
  • Apart from that, the plog runs a free speech policy on comments in the great tradition of that quote spuriously attributed to Voltaire. If you feel the need to Holocaust deny and can do it without being libellous then feel free, although since neither of us are likely to be blogging about the Holocaust then you are very likely to have your comment removed for being gratuitously off-topic. If you do somehow manage to be on-topic, we will respond by researching your remark until we can throw facts/statistics at you to demonstrate that you are not only deeply offensive but also incorrect.



  • At 1:59 pm , Blogger Guido Fawkes Esq. said...

    Get on with it.

  • At 8:45 pm , Anonymous David Duff said...

    'FdeR' tells us that "I will happily admit to knowing nothing about this topic [the Arab/Israeli imbroglio]."

    Does lack of knowledge on the part of *either* of you act as an automatic bar to *all* such subjects? Or does it have to be a unanimous vote? I wonder because 'LibCat' has enough knowledge on middle-east affairs, apparently, to decide that most people are un-intelligent on the subject, so presumably we might benefit from his views, if only he can be prevailed upon to offer them for consideration.

    I must make my own confession now, and admit that I find your 'comments policy' thoroughly confusing. However, that is a state of mind in which I frequently find myself when reading il-Lib-non-Dem pronouncements. So, no change there, then!

  • At 9:39 am , Blogger Femme de Resistance said...

    'LibCat' has enough knowledge on middle-east affairs, apparently, to decide that most people are un-intelligent on the subject

    LibertyCat deciding most people are unintelligent is not particular to Israel/Palestine (! :P :D) and has basis in fact since compared to LibertyCat most people *are* unintelligent (using conventional indicators of this sort of thing).

    Does lack of knowledge on the part of *either* of you act as an automatic bar to *all* such subjects?

    My understanding of LibertyCat's position is that in the American blogosphere, Israel/Palestine has become a subject rather like Nazism - mentioning it causes lots of posturing and flaming. It's *worse* as a discussion topic than Nazism because people usually know something about Nazism - Germany between the wars is studied at both GCSE and A-level in UK schools.

    So a topic to be avoided if you are not au fait with it which I, most certainly, am not.

    Hope I'm not mis-representing my illustrious colleague here... If so, and, as always, it is entirely unintentional.

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