Sunday, January 29, 2006

More Screws of the World

If the Lib Dems feel they're having a hard fortnight with sex scandals then they're not alone.

For the benefit of those who don't manage to read this Screws of the World article before it disappears off the site then it's all about Nigel Farage (apparently the leader of the UKIP MEPs) and a "half-German, half-Swedish blonde" who is pictured in the altogether apart from a strategically located sheet.

It combines several things Kate Fox mentioned in Watching the English as characteristic of the English (no, not queue-jumping) such as unsubtle word-play (MaaSTRICHT, NO KIP, a 'European Union') and a sense of gossipy naughtiness (similar to seaside postcards) - everything is always *sordid* and *squalid*.

Finally, as with Mr Oaten, it suggests there is much more omitted in the interests of modesty/reserve/small children. Human nature being as it is, this encourages the reader to apply their dirty mind firmly to the problem and come up with something doubtless far more salacious than the truth.


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