Thursday, July 10, 2008

Giant lizards and carpenters, part deux

As the good people of Haltemprice and Howden go to the polls, I reveal some of the highlights of the other by-election pamphlets I have in my possession.

Again in no particular order:

David Craig

The author of Squandered is standing for election on a platform of Stop the Government/Politicians wasting our money coupled with the usual demand for a referendum on the Lisbon treaty and clear limits on immigration. I say 'usual' because it's a theme he shares with The English Democrats and several other candidates.

If you haven't read Squandered, I'd definitely recommend it because I found it interesting and moderately intelligent.

David Pinder and Joanne Robinson

It's possible David and Joanne would be unhappy to be considered together since they are standing for The New Party and The English Democrats, respectively. I'm considering them together since they are both standing for small, apparently right-wing (although The New Party says it isn't), parties that have put out the sort of generic, glossy leaflet you'd expect from organisations with more than two members.

Read more here.

Tess Culnane

Yep, there's a National Front candidate.

She writes:
'Enoch was right! The Tories share responsibility for sixty years of mass immigration into Britain, creating intractable racial conflict. They rejected Enoch Powell's warnings - we should now reject their crocodile tears...'
'...Are we racist? It is Gordon Brown's New Labour that slaughters Iraqi families whilst sacrificing British lives
Are we fascists? It is Gordon Brown's New Labour that threatens to lock up our citizens without charge...'
Just think - New Labour, making the National Front look moderate since 2008!

Tony Farnon

'1) I want to help people break free from anything that holds them back.

2) Cigarette addiction is one of the worst common problems so I'll start there.

3) I reveal for free on an ancient secret which broke me free from FIFTY a day more than 20 years ago, it can also set you free!...

...5) Smokers - you HATE lectures from non-smokers... I DO know the feeling! Click and discover the secret NOW...'
In case you missed that - the website is here. And he's not letting you have his secret until you type in your email address.

David Icke

Has managed an entire election leaflet without mentioning lizards.

He writes:
'A candidate who is not after your vote, just your brief attention

For nearly two decades, David Icke has been warning about the coming Big Brother society and detailing a hidden agenda for a global fascist state that is now unfolding at an ever-increasing pace.

He has written ten books on the subject...

... While the mainstream media have ridiculed and dismissed him, others have taken the trouble to read what he is saying in detail and taken a very different view of the Orwellian agenda...

... 'It is happening everywhere - is the Labour government responsible for what is being introduced in the United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden, etc. etc.? Of course not, and the bigger picture and the connections that form the global web have to be understood if the dark-suits-in-jackboots are to be stopped.''


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