Thursday, March 02, 2006

Excellent linkage

Apologies for the lack of blogging lately - I have been spending most of my "political time" this week trying to digest the report of the Power Inquiry - blog post later today.

Here are some links to keep you going:

Spyblog read all the evil illiberal legislation that Labour bring in and pick out the worst bits so you don't have to. That was a whole blog post's worth of damage to my day, but it's useful to remind yourself quite how awful the government is from time to time.

Timothy Garton Ash gets it. I'm amazed that the Grauniad still prints his columns given how sensible they are.

David Howarth M.P. nobbles the Enabling Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill. Since I don't normally read Murdoch-owned papers, found via his law school buddy Michael Froomkin, who blogs from the University of Miami law school and doesn't like Bush very much. Definitely worth checking out his stuff on torture and detention without trial.



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