Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Nick Griffin's ego has entered the building...

I found this whilst following one of my Google backlinks [Mark Collett pink tie WTF?!]. It's a blog charting Nick Griffin's recent trial, apparently by the man himself. I wouldn't be surprised if it *was* written by Nick Griffin - the blog reads like a US courtroom drama script in which 'persecuted-hero-of-the-moment' single-handedly steals the day, etc. If he loses the retrial, I recommend he does an Archer and writes books:

We go downstairs to the foyer. Outside we can see to the left the wildy waving flags of our loyal crowd of supporters. And a bank of TV cameras and still photographers like I’ve never seen before. This is going to be wild!... I grab Mark’s hand and raise our twinned hands in victory. There are ‘V’ signs everywhere... Our crowd is ecstatic. “Freedom, freedom, freedom” rings out across the precinct.

I found it interesting (know your enemy and their every trick... and so on) so wanted to share. But with [obvious] disclaimers - watch out for the bias, don't believe everything you read and I take no responsibility for the libellious content of links, etc. outside of this blog.


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