Monday, February 13, 2006

A short diversion into Scandinavian folklore

F&M has been running just over a month. It's currently getting over 100 hits a day and has accumulated a number of well-educated and interesting 'regulars'. But to truly 'arrive' as a hard-hitting plog, it'd need to be attracting that species known only as 'the truly banal and brain-dead troll'. As has happened over at David Aaronvitch's plog.


  • At 11:16 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Is that what you wish?

  • At 10:29 pm , Blogger British National Party member said...

    Im not aware of much competition. Hard Hitting plog's are hard to come by at the best of times... but my advice, for what its worth, is just to keep plogging away (what what!)


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