Saturday, January 14, 2006

Forceful and Moderate in the Telegraph!!!!!!

Upon doing my early morning newspaper trawl - I noticed that Forceful and Moderate was mentioned in the Telegraph. Which was a bit exciting... if you like that sort of thing.

I'm hoping to put up my last in the run of leadership election posts this evening titled "Simon Hughes in Speedos" - now there's an image. There is an additional leadership post in the pipeline from my co-blogger about the 'real split in the party' but it's been delayed - when he wrote the first draft Chris Huhne hadn't declared and he was still supporting Menzies. Supporting Chris Huhne is reputably obligatory in Cambridge (well, amongst some of the gentleman-in-question's friends in the Uni Lib Dem soc anyway) since David Howarth is supporting Chris Huhne. So he's editing the post before he gets a visit from the men in fedora hats...

My (longer) post after next is most likely going to be on why the Labour party can be still described as 'left-wing', following on from my Gold Horizons piece about why David Cameron isn't a liberal.


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