Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Over the sea to Skye...

In response to the Times leader accompanying the serialisation of Greg Hurst's biography of Kennedy where they claim:

The disclosures will make difficult reading for Liberal Democrats. They are entitled to feel queasy that they were being led through at least one general election, the Iraq war and other pivotal events by a figure whose, largely secret, drinking made him unreliable...

...observant readers will note the date for the inclusion of this song into the Liberator songbook.


  • At 10:47 pm , Anonymous Ned said...

    The song is certainly older than that.

    I have a feeling that it originated in pre-Merger days when Charlie as one of the Soggy MPs would not be held in great affection by the radicals of Liberator.

  • At 6:11 pm , Blogger Paul Walter said...

    Indeed. I remember it being sung with great relish as far back as 1993 (the last three lines, and particularly the last line is always sung exteremly loudly and normally accompanied by huge ribald laughter). The date of 2004 seems to apply to all the songs on the Liberator site, including "The Land". So I think that 2004 date is the date it was put onto the Liberator web site. I would dig out my old song books if I had the time. Politicos used to sell them at conference, so Iain Dale should be very well acquainted with this song.


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