Sunday, August 20, 2006

And the purpose of this article is...

The thing I love about the Daily Mail, especially the weekend edition, is its inclusion of newspaper articles that make you cross-eyed with their sheer vacuousness, lack of newsworthyness and general sense of 'why was this published... exactly? And the point they're trying to make is?'. Case in point... The mind boggles:

Eighteen months ago Lorraine Standing, 47, led the kind of comfortable middle-class life many women would envy [Erm, no].

Married to Andy for 21 years, she lived with their three daughters in a large four-bedroom house in Ashford, Kent, complete with playroom and games annexe. Between 46-year-old Andy’s job as an advertising manager and Lorraine’s career in customer services, the couple earned a good income. Christmas presents included an MG from her husband while holidays were taken at their apartment in Turkey [And if she'd been living in a council estate in Croydon and owned only a widescreen TV, some garden gnomes and a Fiat Uno with go-faster-stripes then s****g some other guy behind her husband's back would have been a'ok because there'd have been no danger of losing her games annexe. Nothing like showing that in Daily Mail world the British class system is alive and sneering].

The couple enjoyed entertaining and their home was filled most weekends with friends enjoying dinner or summer barbecues. In fact, the Standing family’s speciality was an annual champagne and strawberry bash for around 50 guests in their garden [And the point is? That as a result of being able to get 50 people to scoff strawberries on her lawn she should have been as existentially fulfilled as the Dalai Lama? After all, the meaning of life according to Deep Thought was not 'the barbeque' and Jesus did not tell his disciples to go and purchase property in Kent. Not that I'm condoning her having an affair - I'd have suggested using the infatuation as a warning that she really was VERY, VERY dissatisfied and it was time to examine her life, take stock and make changes].

And here endeth the moral lesson (well, not quite, there's paragraphs of it)...


  • At 3:14 pm , Blogger Julaybib said...

    It makes me proud to live in a 2 bedroom 1 boxroom h/a rented semi, the decor devistated by my autistic son, dents in doors, no curtains (he simply pulls them down), pock marks in every ceiling from him picking the plaster, etc etc. Plus the fact we don't do a lot of housework, anyway. He might drive us bonkers sometimes, but I wouldn't swap my lad (or life) for the world!



  • At 3:45 pm , Blogger Femme de Resistance said...

    Exactly. And in the next article they'll lament a moral/spiritual/ emotional void at the heart of society.

    The take-home message really reads as "Ladies, if you have an affair then you might lose access to all your possessions including your nuclear family [buy one cute, photogenic child, get a second free and a low-maintenance, trophy husband thrown in for good measure... Perfect on your arm at your next cheese soiree]". The mind boggles.


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