Wednesday, March 22, 2006

There's always one, isn't there...

... a Grauniadista nerd-wipe who decides to act like he's been oxygen-starved at birth.
  • Probability of sun rising in morning = ~ 1
  • Probability of stupid pinko lefty deciding that disliking the Bush administration must mean that Alexander Lukashenko is nice but misunderstood also = 1
In this Grauniad article, Mark Almond emerges from under a rotten log to proclaim that Belarus is an almost model society where:

the market is orientated towards serving the needs of the bulk of the population, not a tiny class of nouveaux riches and their western advisers and money launderers... officials are not getting richer as ordinary folk get poorer [and] where masses of ordinary people are getting on with life and getting a bit better off.

Let me explain this... very... slowly... The reason why Lukashenko inspires... loathing in the thinktanks and foreign ministries of the west is not because he has sav[ed] Belarus from mass unemployment. Or in the words of a commentator on this thread (see, the Grauniad ain't all bad):

Too many on the left need to reaquaint themselves with some basic principles. They could start with democracy = good; dictatorship = bad and take it from there.

Thanks to the LDYS forums for this prime contender for Traitor of the Week.


  • At 12:48 pm , Blogger Tristan said...

    Unfortunately socialism and those its inspired will always support the dictatorship of someone who professes similar ideals to them to a democracy with different ideals.

    The whole premise of these people is that they can do the best job and that they need the power to do it for our own good. If that means a dictatorship then fine, at least the pesky people won't delay the grand plan through electing someone else (the grand plan is of course inevitable so it will only be a delay).

  • At 12:49 pm , Blogger Edis said...

    I think it was H.L. Menken who said (something like this, I paraphrase from memory:

    "There is no proposition too stupid and misinformed for some University academic to assert it as true".



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