Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Good business

Apologies for the slackness of blogging - this is caused by a general thesis panic.

This post was intended to be a link list to draw your attention to Matt Fensome's blog with its rather disturbing picture of Mr Cameron. Since I can't spell Amartya then mentioning the obvious typos would be rude and unnecessary... but someone's bound too so I'd recommend Matt changes them.

I've also become aware of this apparently very popular blog written by a doctor and discussing their personal experiences of the NHS (mostly entirely negative). It's been mentioned on other blogs I link to. Definitely worth a visit.

And on the lighter side - you can hatch an egg...


But then I found this Grauniad article. Much as I'd like to make endless jokes about Gordon Brown being a tank, what caught my attention was:

A key figure has been Steve Hilton, an iconoclastic thinker, former advertising executive and stranger to parliament. Such people are not steeped in Westminster. Indeed, Mr Hilton found working in such a male and tradition-bound environment suffocating. If he had his way he would get rid of the party whips and let MPs vote with their conscience. His personal reaction hints at the extent to which Mr Cameron's Conservatives are no longer conservatives. Mr Hilton and others in the inner circle are frequently urged by colleagues to slow down the pace of the revolution. Mr Hilton rejects the gradualist approach, arguing there is so much to do, and wondering at the extent to which the party had lost touch with reality over the past eight years.

I thought I recognised the name and then remembered that he wrote Good Business, which is probably one of the most idealistic but inspiring books I've read over the last few years. I found it so inspiring that I felt it a real shame that he had been working with Saatchi & Saatchi (the two things I know about the Saatchi brothers is that one at least is a Tory donor and that one exhibited that awful Kippenberger - Triumph of Painting my flabby middle-aged ass... UCK) and have been keeping a weather eye out to see whether their company is recruiting. No time to blog more about the book now but will definitely do so later... Watch this space.

['Henry' is my first painting, and my only oil. Framed oil on canvas paper, around 20 x 20 cm. Now 'Collection of LibertyCat'. My work has improved in leaps and bounds since then - Henry is somewhat lop-sided and the eyes are wrong]


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