Saturday, February 18, 2006

Go home and sleep on it...

Scientific proof that when I told my second supervisor that my preferred method of problem-solving was "go home and wait for the answer to come to me", I had a point. It sounds a recipe for procrastination but it does work.

I was watching Austin Stevens in Peru last night and was somewhat amused and perplexed by his unconventional way of passing a herd of llama down a narrow alley: the llama herders didn't look entirely convinced by it either. He certainly has courage - I wouldn't fancy charging a herd of llamas or vaulting/hurdling over them. But it would have been much simpler to have flattened himself against the wall and let them pass single file... although not as dramatic. Anyhow - I was reminded of this and decided to share (WARNING: the tune's catchy).


  • At 12:28 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I don't know if that is actually an example of it, but I know there was a tendancy to make virtually incomprehensible japanese songs into random meme-infested flash cartons with subtitles based on what it almost sounds like in english. The best example I can remember is called 'French erotic film' which you would swear was actually saying the words it purports to be, but it's an example of the strange trick your brain plays with subtitles. Ever noticed when watching a foreign film with english subtitles (Amelie, La Vita e Bella... whatever) that it seems like you can understand the dialogue after a while, rather than that you're just reading the subtitles - same phenomenon basically. The language centres of your brain get confused as to which information is coming from decoding the text and which from analysing the tone of the sound and kind of fudges them together.


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