Friday, February 17, 2006

And the rest...

Cheney accident quibs by US TV comics (just to make the disclaimer I hope his friend feels well enough soon to be able to laugh about it too). More about Quailgate here.

Grauniad writer loses the plot (is that news?!) in several main ways (so far as I could make out):
  • Women are animals. Animals display to get mates. If women have new opportunities to display to mates (e.g. silicon implants) some will take them
  • These developments don't just apply to women. There are male strippers. Women's magazines are full of 'hunk of the month'. My hotmail inbox is spammed regularly with advertisements aimed at men who want to *improve* other parts of their bodies commonly linked to visual sexual display. We live in a very visual culture - both genders are adversely (and otherwise) affected
  • Just because women are stripping and dancing raunchily doesn't mean that they are JUST displaying visually and not partaking in other (potentially sexy) non-visual activities. There are female comediennes. There are women that are 'hot' as a result of having power (think Maggie T). But female comediennes aren't part of 'the sex industry' because the sex industry is defined as displaying genitalia and stripping off. Other forms of human sexual display such as art or witty discourse are not regarded as being *just* about sex (although they are to some extent about sex) . Oh, and Maggie is disowned by feminists...
  • Po-faced, bra-burning radical feminists made 'feminism' unfunny, ugly and unfashionable. It condemned women for wanting to display visually to whatever gender took their fancy. Extreme feminism told heterosexual women they were betraying the sisterhood by wanting a bit of the other with a guy. It told bi and gay women that wanting to gape at other cute women was a bad political thing, rather than a natural biological thing. So this is a backlash - women are watching pornography to rebel against Germaine Greer, not patriarchial oppression


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