Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tied up

Observant viewers will notice that by the Sky News debate, the Lib Dem leadership contenders had managed to sort out their tie difficulty.

Chris Huhne went to for the 'Coooey, I'm a Lib Dem' canary yellow tie option (always a safe bet) but the colour was a bit loud - perhaps he was trying to look more dynamic. Simon Hughes opted for a red/blue striped number (perhaps representing a desire for equidistance between Labour and the Tories or something). Mark Oaten went for burgandy which is somewhat confusing politically-speaking but apparently suits dark haired men (I think he's being a bit optimistic of how much of an difference his hair colour makes to his appearance). I'm not sure what Menzies was trying to say but pastels decrease authority so maybe he was trying to look more approachable with that pink tie or he was going for a subconscious salmon pink - salmon - Scottish association (although why he would be trying to do the latter is unclear)...

... or perhaps they were just... ties...


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