Sunday, January 04, 2009

Want to throw your Manolo Blahniks where it really counts?

Do you find taking sides in a two-sided conflict too challenging? Want to throw your Manolo Blahniks where it really counts? May I recommend the Zimbabwean and South African embassies.

The Zimbabwean Embassy is conveniently located on the Strand so you can finish your protest with tea in the Savoy. Better yet, it's just a short march with placards to the South African Embassy on Trafalgar Square.

It's also a beautifully simple situation - Robert Mugabe is an insane f**kwit. He has wrecked his economy, his people are dying and no one likes him (except possibly his relatives and the army). Unfortunately, the South Africans have been really rubbish at blowing raspberries at him and ensuring he leaves office feet first. And barely any of the usual suspects on yesterday's Israel protest have mentioned the thousands and thousands of Zimbabwean people sh***ing their way to oblivion in an shocking cholera epidemic.

The people of Zimbabwe are counting on you to throw your shoes at the really ugly, tacky memorablia in the Zimbabwean Embassy window. Ignore fashionable causes, buck the trend and protest!


  • At 8:33 pm , Blogger Peter Mc said...

    May I recommend rigger boots instead? Cheaper, and so heavy that they'd do some real damage if they hit the (no doubt well-fed and wealthy) diplomatic staff of Zimbabwe.

  • At 3:13 am , Anonymous Peter B said...

    The Savoy is still closed, unfortunately. May I recommend the Trafalgar in its place?


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