Monday, March 12, 2007

The Feline Dialogues: Deconstruction

LibertyCat: If you wanted to know whether Newton's Principia is phallogocentric or not, you might be better off studying who Newton was and what he did in the rest of his life rather than trying to deconstruct the text. On the other hand, this wouldn't help you in this particular case. Probably because whether or not the Principia is phallogocentric is not a useful question. Knowing whether or not Newton is phallogocentric or not is also not a useful question given he's been dead for 280 years.
Femme-de-R: Why is knowing if the Principia is phallogocentric or not 'not a useful question'?
LibertyCat: The Principia isn't important as a primary text. What's important is the ideas in it and whether they accurately describe the motion of the planets around the sun, tides and apples
Femme-de-R: But the response to that is that science itself, its methods and the questions it asks are phallogocentric and exclude women.
LibertyCat: You couldn't have saved Hiroshima by exposing the Western phallogocentricism of nuclear physics



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