Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Would you trust your lawyer to fix your car?

The Adam Smith Institute link to this post that makes the point that climate scientists are probably not the best people to comment on economics. This is somewhat self-evident - if I want my hair cutting, I wouldn't ask an architect (well, I might but that's a different story).

This point entirely conceded, I'm somewhat confused why Dr Alister McFarqhur (an agricultural economist) and Dr Madsen Pirie (an ex-professor of logic and philosophy) feel anyone should take them at all seriously when they comment on the science of climate change.

NB: LibertyCat questions Piers Corbyn's credentials as a meteorologist. A little judicious googling suggests Piers Corbyn may fall into that category of experts occupied by Gillian McKeith who has also made millions promoting untestable methods.

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